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Saturday Morning Weigh-In and Some Other Stuff

It has been a good, but not great, week. Although I thankfully lost another pound (169 this morning!), I did something to my back last Tuesday and haven’t been able to move around much, although it was decidedly better yesterday morning (Thursday night I was in so much pain I couldn’t climb the stairs or get into bed without help) and my back feels normal again this morning. Heaven only knows what I did to cause myself so much agony. Because I had to stay immobile for so long though, I was able to get quite a bit of reading done, so I guess that’s one positive to came out it.

In other news:

  • We received our annual Costco refund this past week for $75.52. Combining that amount along with the meals we’ll get from the turkey that’s been in the freezer since last November (as well as other things on hand) means I can cut the next two weeks’ grocery budget in half! The extra $160 will go into our vacation fund.
  • I love using the coupons in my Chinook book! I had breakfast yesterday morning with a friend and we saved the price of one entree thanks to the coupon. We’ve also gotten a free giant pizza, free re-usable shopping bag, free organic baguette, and a whole lot of other goodies using the coupons and still have a ton of them left.
  • The Kiwi knife giveaway ends on Monday – don’t forget to enter to win two new sharp knives for your kitchen. The comments so far from readers about their favorite frugal kitchen tools are well worth the read – I’ve been taking notes!

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