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Another Vacation Score (or Two)

Besides airfare and lodging for our December vacation to Hawai’i, another big expense we have to factor in is car rental. We will be in Hawai’i for two full weeks, and figured a car for the five of us to tool around in would cost at least $1000 but probably more for those two weeks.

Yesterday I was able to reserve an Enterprise¬†premium¬†5-passenger car through Costco Travel for only $823 (taxes & fees included) for two weeks! (For 59 cents more we could have had a Mustang convertible, but it only seats four, darn it!) The price for the premium car was less than a mid-size or even an economy car from any company, Costco included. I checked around various other travel sites today and prices for the same car for the same time period run from $886 on the AARP Expedia site (Mr. Losing It is a member) to $2631 for a similar car from Thrifty (??) through Orbitz. The least expensive rental price for any size car other than the Expedia price for the premium car was $925 for an economy car. One other added bonus is that the Enterprise counter is actually located inside the terminal versus having to find and ride a shuttle to some sight away from the airport. (P.S. We don’t have to pay for the rental until we pick up the car in Hawai’i. If I find a better deal between now and then, you better believe I will snap it up and cancel this reservation. But from what I saw of rates last year, this is a pretty good deal).

One other score came our way last week – an invitation for a pre-approved Chase Sapphire Visa rewards card. Now, we do not need or want another credit card, but . . . this card has 0% interest for the first twelve months and you will receive a bonus 25,000 rewards points within two months of your first purchase. Those 25,000 points translates into a check for $250. Seriously – a check for $250 back to us just for joining and using the card once (for anything – we read all the fine print). Plus, you can collect a rewards check beginning with 2,000 points (at $10 for every 1000 points), so guess what we will be using to book our airline tickets?

Now all we need to find are some good, low air fares. We are being very patient though, and have an upper limit of what we’ll pay. Hopefully good things will come to those who wait!


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