A New Direction

Last week I wrote that I felt that my time with I’m Losing It Here had run its course, that I had said all I had to say about frugal living, saving, decluttering and losing weight, at least in a way that fit the reason for this blog.

I’m Losing It Here started out as a way for me to document our family’s journey to find our way out of crushing debt, as well as a way to track my weight as I’d just lost 30 pounds and intended to keep it off. Along the way though something I never thought would happen did . . . people found my blog, read what I had written, and came back again. Some commented, others didn’t, but over the past three years readership has grown to numbers that continue to surprise me and fill me with gratitude. I’m very proud of my little blog that could.

Many, many thanks go out as well to all of you who have commented. I have to say that in the three years of blogging I did not receive even one negative comment.

I also want to say how deeply indebted I am to all you other bloggers out there who put yourselves and your lives out there day in and day out. I am not the best at commenting, but I have laughed with you, cheered your successes, wanted to hold your hand or give you a hug when things weren’t going well. I have learned more from all of you than I can ever express.

All that being said, I’m in a very different place now than I was when I started writing I’m Losing It Here three years ago. Our debt is almost paid off, I’ve almost gotten to my goal weight (again), we live simply, frugally and with purpose, and we are almost ready to begin a new chapter in our lives with my husband’s upcoming retirement and a move to Hawai’i next year. Life is good.

So, I hope you will join me at a new effort to explore and record our next adventure. Starting today, I will be blogging at Noho’ana Hau’ole: Life is Good, and I hope you’ll come check it out. Many of my favorite parts of I’m Losing It Here will be moving over to the new blog, but the focus will be more on getting ready for a new stage in our lives as well as planning our move to the Garden Island of Kauai.

To all of my readers . . . thank you! You’re simply  the best.

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3 responses to “A New Direction

  1. Jen

    Phew! I held my breath as I read about what your next chapter will be. Glad that I will still be able to follow along and see you accomplishing your next goals. Good luck in your new path!

  2. I had that blog post saved as I meant to comment but as always, i’m “behind”. I’m so glad you’re going to continue blogging… I think taking it to more where you’re heading is great! I will update my bookmarks for you, Laura!! :)

  3. Jenny

    Packing my virtual bags to move along with you…

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