Feeling Adrift

adriftI sat down to write the other day and couldn’t find anything to say. There was nothing more to say about debt, money, eating, losing weight, cooking, spending, saving, decluttering, simplifying, and so forth that I hadn’t said before or that I wanted to say again.

The last three years have marked profound changes in our lives here at Casa Losing It. What started as a journey simply to get ourselves out of debt turned out to be a total transformation of all of our lives, in ways unknown to us as we began. We live far more simply now, with far, far less stuff. We know the difference between a need and a want. We live by our budget and within our means. We set goals and then work to achieve them, whether that be saving money, losing weight, reading, and so forth.

The Losing It family is coming up on some new challenges and changes though. Mr. Losing It has applied for Social Security, and will retire at the end of June. We will, for the most part, be living on a fixed income when he does . In 2014, we plan to move to Hawaii. We will be selling our house, and letting go of even more of our possessions before we make our move. One of our daughters will be heading off to college that year, and the other two will attend a private school, a new financial challenge for us. I will be working to consistently maintain my weight loss (again), versus trying to lose weight (again).

In other words, as one journey nears its end, it turns out we will be setting off on another. Up to now, it’s been all about “losing it,” but the new journey feels more like one where we’ll be “finding it.” And so, I’m feeling a bit adrift right now, not sure whether to keep up I’m Losing It or give it up, or segue into something new. I have found I love writing (when I have something to say), and I also treasure the connections and friendships I’ve made through this blog over the past three years and am not sure I’m ready to or want to give them up.

For the next month or so, I think I’m just going to think about things and what direction I want to go. I would love your input and advice as well. Should I keep going but just change course, or should I move on to a whole new venture?

In the meantime, I will continue to maintain some of the regular features, such as my book list, monthly goals, Friday weigh-in and Sunday Night Chit Chat, as I’m not ready to cut any cords completely right now.

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13 responses to “Feeling Adrift

  1. AnnieB

    I don’t want to sound like a stick in the mud and I am aware that I am not writing this blog, but I like it just the way it is. I really like Sunday Night Chit chat and the book list, but would understand if you went in a different direction after your move to Hawaii. Perhaps you need a short (I hope) break and will return refreshed and revived.

  2. Jen

    I don’t comment much but I really, really enjoy reading your blog. I read every single one. I love the random things you throw in at times, like the “This Is How” book suggestion and recipes to use up items in the frig/pantry, and parent-of-teenager wisdom, just to name a few . I enjoy your wisdom and insight and hope you take a (short) break and do some thinking and return to us.

  3. Jackie

    I hope that you continue this blog! Yours is one of my favorite blogs to read. I appreciate a lot of your posts, but some of my favorites are recipes–my family seems to have very similar taste to yours, and I’ve discovered a lot of family favorite meals through your blog. I hope you find a format and topics that interest you, and I hope I will be able to continue reading your posts!

  4. Sandy

    I never miss reading your blog. It is so real and down to earth. I feel like I am reading something from a friend. I know the decision is yours, but I hope you continue. Just let us know your life, even as it changes and you confront new situations and challenges. I would miss you if you weren’t here.

  5. mylifeinfocusblog

    I’ve been a blogger since 2007. I have changed so much over these past years that I had no choice but to change my blogs, rename them in order to reflect the new me. It’s all a part of life. Everyone changes. That’s the point. For me, however, what did NOT change was my love of writing and using my experiences to help other people. We all learn from each other. For me, I learned much from my mistakes.
    Whatever you decide to do, if you do decide to keep writing, just remember us and leave a link so that we can continue to follow your adventures. Moving to Hawaii is BIG. I wouldn’t want to miss it.


  6. b+

    I can relate to what you are experiencing. I have been writing about retirement for many years. In December I realized that I did not have one more thing to say. I have been retired for 15 years. I kept on writing on the same blog and breaking the “retirement” habit was a bit hard. It has made a lot of difference. I think my outlook is even better.

    Good luck.


  7. Jenny

    Hoping you don’t go away as I ,too, enjoy reading your practical posts and your musings about the simpler life, debt repayment, and everyday things. Maybe you just need a new name to reflect the changes? And I am betting that living on a mostly fixed income will provide some interesting posts. As will re-settling in a new place.

  8. I have felt adrift several times since I began blogging. Usually a short break helps and I soon find myself flooded with ideas and inspiration. As we evolve, so do our blogs. It is only natural.

  9. I love your blog. I’ll just say that you’re transitioning to a life that many, many people on a financial (and, weight loss, for that matter) journey are trying to get to, and it would be fantastic to read about someone going through the “completion” part of that journey. Even if you post less frequently. I can’t really think of anything I’d like to read more about then how you handle the next two years with the overall lifestyle transition & your move, how the kids adjust, what life is like retired in Hawaii, etc.

  10. I’m drifting with move to portugal too but will keep going until we finally buy, move, or rent there!!!
    Just keep doing what you’re doing, no pressure – I’d love to see you achieve your dream :)

  11. kris vaughan

    If you need to evolve, that is OK. But don’t quit altogether. I love reading your blog no matter what you are writing. I also enjoy the recipes, book lists, and everything else!

  12. Nancy

    I have three favorite blogs. Yours is one of them. I like how real you are. I like how you are not afraid to talk about actual numbers. I’m amazed at how disciplined you are and how you’ve been able to meet your goals. You’re inspiring. I enjoy reading all your posts. I’d be sad if you closed up shop. :)

  13. I enjoy reading about your life and hope you continue blogging :) My financial decisions are so driven by debt repayment right now and I would like to hear about what happens when you reach the other side and become debt free! I’d also enjoy hearing how your financial approach changes with your husband’s retirement and the move to Hawaii. :)

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