And There Goes the Emergency Fund

Sort of what our door looked like, although ours is still attached at the top.

Sort of what our door looked like, although ours is still attached at the top.

Or at least a big chunk of it.

Yesterday afternoon, as the garage door was opening so I could head out on an errand, I suddenly heard a loud screeching and the sound of metal ripping, and when I looked out the whole bottom section of the door was torn away. Apparently the bottom wheel on one side of the door had gotten stuck and as the door lifted the bottom stayed put and ripped off.

Oh great. Thankfully I was able to get the bottom unstuck and raised enough to get the car out and then shut again, but the door was a mess. After some work last night, Mr. Losing It got the door to look normal from the outside instead of an invitation to break and enter, but we’re going to need a new garage door as soon as we’re back home as we usually enter our house through the garage.

On the plus side, replacing the garage door was one of the projects on our list of things to do to get the house ready to sell, although it was way, w-a-y down on the list. And, I have to admit I’m grateful it happened before we left town, and not when our friend was coming in the house to check on our cat (we were going to have her come through the garage).

A new garage door is going to set us back quite a bit, to put it mildly. I hope too that it’s not an indication of how next year is going to go, expense wise. ¬†For now though I am just so glad we have that emergency fund.

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12 responses to “And There Goes the Emergency Fund

  1. Oh, so sorry to hear this! We need two new garage doors too. It’s on our list too, but it’s one of those ‘not so fun’ expenses. :)!

  2. Yuck, that’s not a fun way to spend your money. But, I’ve decided that any emergency fund expenditure is never fun. :-( Hope you’re able to find a great deal on a door!

    • You’re right – if it’s fun it’s really not an emergency ;-). We won’t start shopping until after we get back, and I too hope we can find a good deal. The doors I looked at yesterday were a lot more than I thought they’d be.

  3. Oh no!!! :( Ugh! I feel your pain, the last month has been crazy expensive for us as well. Hope the cost is less than you think!

    • We got through this year without having to use our emergency fund . . . until this month. So I guess we were due. Big sigh. Hope things get better for you as well.

  4. laura @ move to portugal

    Urgh! I hope you can get a good deal too Laura

    • I don’t really know where to begin looking other than at one of the “big box” home improvement stores, but there surely are better deals out there. I will find one!

  5. Kristine

    It is not an indication of next year so relax. What happens this year, stays in this year.

  6. We replaced our last year so I feel your pain. But at least you have the ef to pay for it :)

  7. Sluggy

    Having the funds to pay for this in cash is great.
    Even better since your Hawaii trip was paid for in cash, no bills for either come Jan. 1st. Truly living the life you can afford. ;-)

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