Friday Weigh-In: I Could Just Cry

Well, after two weeks of staying on plan, getting plenty of exercise and basically doing everything right I . . . gained 1.2 pounds! :-( :-( :-( When the leader told me I had gained, and how much, I just about burst into tears. Frustrating doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt; it was more like a betrayal. This week’s weight undoes everything I had (slowly) lost over the past seven weeks.

But, I will pick up the pieces and keep on going. The leader feels like it might be “just one of those things,” but I think that even though I was accurately following the Simply Filling eating plan and filling up on “power foods,” I was probably eating too much. I am back to counting points again, so we shall see. Otherwise, I haven’t a clue why I gained so much.

The really hard part was that I honestly felt like I had some lost weight. Le BIG sigh.

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13 responses to “Friday Weigh-In: I Could Just Cry

  1. I’ve been there, & it is SO frustrating. I always tell myself, sticking with the plan is entirely more likely to yield results than giving up. It works (usually). Wishing you a healthy & fabulous, & (weight dropping) week ahead!

    • Oh, I have no intention of quitting or going off plan – I’ve spent too much and worked too hard to get where I am now. I did kick up my exercise though – hope that helps for a better week!

  2. AnnieB

    I know how you feel only too well. But, doesn’t muscle weigh more than fat, or something like that, and you can lose inches and not pounds. I always try to think that the scale isn’t as important as how my clothes feel and fit. I think Weight Watchers is a great program, but everyone’s body is different and I hope you won’t be too discouraged.

    • I think a pound of muscle is equal to a pound of fat (pound=pound), but a pound of muscle is definitely leaner than a pound of fat. I think that’s why it felt like I had lost weight – my clothes felt looser. So maybe I just swapped them out ;-)

  3. EcoCatLady

    You know, when you’re dealing with such small amounts (a pound or two) I think that the numbers become almost totally irrelevant. My weight will go up and down by at least 3 pounds throughout the course of a single DAY, so I don’t know how amounts this small mean anything at all. It could be that you had more water in your system, or that you’re wearing heavier clothes, or any of a vast number of things that have absolutely nothing to do with the composition of your body.

    Have you been measuring your inches as well? In my experience, as you approach your target weight and especially if you’re upping your exercise (which builds muscle – which really IS heavier than fat) inches are a much better indicator of progress than pounds.

    Hang in there!

    • I know the weigh-in is just like a snapshot, and not really the best indicator of how my weight loss is going. I think it’s frustrating though since I’m paying good money every month and I want to see results, even if it’s just a fraction of a pound.

  4. I feel your pain. I have been working out and gained 1 pound as well. Let us just be thankful it was “only” a pound and not more. ;)

  5. Jenny

    I think it’s partly the time of year–I’ve always found it much harder to lose in the fall and winter and will not be surprised if someday they discover that our bodies use calories most efficiently then. Makes sense that your body would resist losing weight when the leanest time of the year food-wise is coming. Hard to buck all those years of evolution!

  6. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. It was a tough week, especially since it erased everything I had lost in the previous 7 weeks. Ouch!

    I had to remind myself that a weigh-in at WW just takes a snapshot of that moment, and it’s not where my weight is or might be at other times of the day. It doesn’t help that the meeting I go to is in the evening.

    I think the hardest thing for me is that I am paying to attend Weight Watchers, and when I’m handing over my money I want to see results! That’s not WW’s problem, but mine, so I get very discouraged when I’m not losing.

    Finally, I came up with a new exercise routine this past week, and have kicked it up this weekend. It’s fast, it’s easy and fun, and I’m now getting in 45-60 minutes (!!!) of exercise every day . . . and loving it!

    • EcoCatLady

      Woo Hoo on the new exercise routine! I find that all issues of weight and calories aside, regular exercise really helps me to maintain sanity. Not sure if it’s the endorphins, or the sunshine, or just the time when I don’t have to be solving any problems, but I know it makes me feel much, much better.

  7. I find that exercise is the key to losing weigh for me…which is probably why I’ve put some on since I stopped swimming in the mornings..sigh. I just get bored and distracted by other ‘projects’

    • I have “stepped up” the amount of walking and my pace, and have been getting in at least 85 minutes every day. Not much of a difference though, but I think in a few weeks I’m really going to see the results (at least I hope so!).

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