Sunday Night Chit Chat

What’s this? Another Sunday evening where I don’t have to wake up early the next morning? Yup! The girls are off from school all of next week because of conferences and the Thanksgiving holiday. I have to conference for all three girls tomorrow (high school in the morning, middle school in the afternoon), but at least the alarm won’t be going off at 6:00 a.m.!

Anyway, this evening I am:

  • Reading: Noble Radiance, by Donna Leon, which I’m hoping to finish tonight. Heavens, I love her books! This will be a heavy week for reading; I have to finish seven more books by the end of the month to meet my goal. By the way, I finished a terrific book last night: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce – I can’t recommend it enough!
  • Watching: The girls and I plan to watch another episode of Desperate Housewives (from the last season).
  • Listening to: What else but the last load in the dryer.
  • Cooking/baking: Mr. Losing It is making a salami and provolone pizza for dinner tonight. Earlier today I made an apple cheesecake. I will be having neither of them.
  • Happy I accomplished this week: I wrote to my supervisor and let her know the hours I would be willing to tutor again next term. We’ll see if I get anything that makes it worth my while to continue to work.
  • Looking forward to next week: Thanksgiving! It’s my favorite holiday of the year, and for the fourth year in a row some good friends will be joining us here at Chez Losing It. Oh, and not having to make school lunches for a whole week!
  • Thankful for: That the car we donated sold for enough to provide so much for so many in our community.
  • Bonus Question: You’re handed a round trip plane ticket to anywhere in the world for a weekend and $1000 cash. The catch? You have to go alone, right then & there with only whatever you have on hand. Do you go? Where would you go? You bet I would go!! For just a weekend I would probably either go to somewhere in California, San Francisco or Pasadena, or up to Vancouver, B.C. $1000 would get me anything extra I might need (including a camera), pay for my hotel room and some great (but inexpensive) meals, and I’d still have enough to bring something home for Mr. LI and the girls.

Thanks again to Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily for hosting Sunday Night Chit Chat!

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4 responses to “Sunday Night Chit Chat

  1. AnnieB

    I loved the Harold Frye book too. It was nice to read something about older people for a change. I would probably go to Portland Or of all places. It is fairly close and I love that city. I could have a great weekend for $1,000. Probably spend most of it at Powells.

    • We could so get together if you came to Portland ;-) I adore browsing at Powells, and even though I say I’m not buying books any more, I can always find something worthwhile there (which is why I don’t go too often).

  2. Jenny

    Wow,,,your girls are off a whole week for Thanksgiving–that’s a real vacation!
    My first thought for the weekend getaway was Paris, followed immediately by the realization that the jet lag would kill me! Portland or Santa Fe come to mind next.

    • I thought of an overseas location first too but then immediately thought of the jet lag and scrapped that idea for somewhere closer to home so I could really enjoy the time on my own.

      It’s a very nice break for the girls, although all three have work to do that’s due when they go back. I spent all day yesterday at conferences, and had to get up and go into work this morning, but will enjoy the rest of the week!

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