Friday Weigh-In: The View From the Plateau

Another week, another 2/10 of a pound gone. Sigh. I don’t think I’m ready to use the word frustrated yet, but I am becoming resigned to it taking a very, very long time to get to my goal weight. I will definitely not be meeting the goal I set eight weeks ago, to get below 150 pounds.

This week’s topic involved reminding ourselves why we want to lose weight. In my case, it’s certainly not because I’m going to be skinny, whatever that means. I think the only time I’ve every been skinny was for around 10 minutes when I was in the 4th grade. I have always had and always will have heavy legs and big hips, and I’ve got “curves.”  But I’ve also got a very small frame, and carrying around too many extra pounds on these bones and joints of mine is hard and it hurts (and it’s how I developed bursitis). Wearing a smaller size is a nice side benefit, but it’s not my reason for wanting to get rid of the extra weight. I want to be and stay strong as I continue to age, and to stay healthy, and I can do that better when I’m not overweight.

Also, I continue to enjoy acquiring and reinforcing a new approach to eating. My relationship with food has always had its ups and downs, but these last few months with Weight Watchers have helped smooth some of the peaks and valleys, and helped me maintain a more even approach to both cooking and eating.

Anyway, the weight loss may have slowed down (hopefully just for the time being), but I’m still going to continue to hang in there.

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6 responses to “Friday Weigh-In: The View From the Plateau

  1. Alice

    I know that you’re pretty dedicated to your walking, and that is fantastic. But you might want to add in some weight training (hand weights, resistance bands, etc) to your regimen. That will push your muscles to work harder and burn more fat. But kudos to you for sticking with it and not re-gaining anything.

    • Well, I was dedicated until this past week or so, but the bursitis in my hips has really flared up and kept me from walking for any length of time. I try to do 10 or so minutes at a time a few times a day, and that seems to be working. I am totally bored with the Lesley Sansome workout right now so am giving it a rest and then will go back to it. I have been seriously considering buying weights to carry – Target has a nice selection and the prices are very low.

      I know the walking/exercise is the key to not only continuing to lose, but to keep it off so I want to get back to it in a meaningful way.

  2. I am still dieting and exercising but have stopped weighing myself. It just adds to much pressure.

    • I never get on the scales at home; I only weigh in the once a week at WW. I would go nuts weighing myself at home, although I’ve heard that once you reach your goal it’s best to weigh yourself daily so that any small gain can be nipped in the bud.

  3. Jenny

    I love how our priorities change with age–from wanting to fit into a smaller size dress for a wedding, etc. to wanting to lose weight so we live longer and our joints don’t hurt!
    I would like to hear more about smoothing out the peaks and valleys of your relationship with food. I’m not there yet!

    • I think the greatest change for me has been the acceptance that I, and not food, have the choice about how much and what to eat. So I tell myself every day “it’s your choice how to eat today” and when something comes up that I would have over-indulged in in the past, now I tell myself “I choose not to eat this” or “I’m choosing to take just one bite and it’s not going to be the end of the world.” It’s really helped me stop and think about each thing I eat, and enjoy it more.

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