March Wrap-Up and April Mini-Goals

Well, while I am glad March is over (especially weather-wise), it was another good month as far as getting things accomplished around Casa Losing It. Mr. LI and I not only accomplished our first Project-of-the-Month, cleaning out one set of shelves in the garage, but cleaned out a second set as well and sold both shelving units on Craigslist. Our mantra these days has become “Do we want to move this to Hawai’i?” It’s amazing what you don’t need so much any more once you think about paying to ship it across the ocean!

Anyway, here’s how we did in March:

  • Spend less than $150 on gasoline. Done!  Total gasoline expense came to $142.54.
  • Spend less than $200 on utilities. Done! Total for utilities last month was $110.87.
  • Put at least $500 into our vacation fund. Done! We saved $600 toward our Hawai’i vacation.
  • Read at least five books. Done! I read 14 books this month, every one of them a good read. I blame it on all those rainy days!
  • Pay the balance on WenYu’s China trip and fully fund her spending money. Done! Total out-of-pocket cost for her trip came to $952, and she has saved $360 for spending money (from babysitting, gifts, etc.).
  • Plan something special for our anniversary. Done! Mr. LI and I went out for a delicious sushi dinner. It was an expensive night out, but we had it in the budget, used a 20% off coupon from our Chinook book, paid with our rewards card and got double points, and then paid the balance the next day!

My April mini-goals are:

  • Pay off Credit Card #2.
  • Put something into the vacation fund (paying off CC #2 will be the priority though).
  • Read at least 7 books.
  • List (and hopefully sell) 3 items on eBay.
  • Spend less than $125 on gasoline
  • Spend less than $150 on utilities
  • Project-of-the-Month: Clean out the bookshelf next to Mr. Losing It’s desk (this will be a solo job for him – I’d probably just pitch everything). 
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  1. Annie B

    I know this isn’t a book blog, but I am always, always interested in what people read–especially people whose opinion I respect, as in your’s.

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