Monday Odds ‘n’ Ends

Odds&EndsA couple of things too small for their own post:

  • No work for me this term. I received a note from my supervisor last Friday that I had been assigned one student for tutoring (even though I had told her at the end of last term that I needed to have at least two to make it worth my while to tutor). I wrote her back and told her “no thanks,” that with the commute time added in, the cost of extra gas subtracted from the monthly earnings, and with increases in payroll taxes I would be making less than my daughters make babysitting, and less than I make watching the neighbor’s dog for an hour each day. Although I enjoy the students, it’s just not worth my time or energy. It remains to be seen if I get any sub hours or not, but most of those positions are going to other part-timers who have had their hours cut back. I’m not counting on any income from teaching this term.
  • Poor quality can be your friend. Because our garage door is a low-end, uninsulated builder’s grade model with external hinges, we were actually able to get it repaired for $569 (parts and labor). All that had to be done was have the hinges moved and a spring replaced (which took a while to do). The superior construction of any other door (insulated and with internal hinges) would not have guaranteed that we wouldn’t have had the same breakdowns, and we would have had to replace the entire door for around $1300 or higher. Kind of counter-intuitive, but worked for us!
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6 responses to “Monday Odds ‘n’ Ends

  1. That’s too bad about the tutoring, but i totally understand it not being worth your time & effort.. especially when you told them that you needed 2 students. Hopefully something comes up for you! Great news about the garage door! Much better than a $1300 bill!! Eek!!

    • It is too bad about the tutoring, but it was costing me more to do it than I was making. And, we are so glad the bill for the garage door was what it was rather than $1300 or more.

  2. Bad news about the tutoring. Is there a chance of work elsewhere?

    • The most difficult part for me is that I will honestly miss working with the students – they were great! Hopefully I will pick up a couple of sub spots during the term – two of those would equal what I would have made tutoring for the whole term!!

  3. Whatever works with the garage door, I say! :-)

    • We were sure we were going to have to replace the door because it was a cheap one, but that’s what ended up saving us money in the end. Go figure.

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