The Bi-Weekly Shop-a-Thon

Trader Joe's: $60.33

Rather than try and cram all the shopping into one day this time, I actually started the shopping last Wednesday with trips to Costco and WinCo, mainly because I had my list ready and was bored. Or at least I thought I was bored; it turned out I was actually just really, really tired for some reason. By the time I got home after that one trip, I unpacked and put away everything and then collapsed, and didn’t remember until later that I had wanted to take pictures. Oh well. I finished up the shopping yesterday with trips to Fubonn Asian supermarket, Trader Joe’s and New Season’s market. I did manage pictures from Fubonn and Trader Joe’s.

Can I just say that it is getting harder and harder to stay within our food budget? I just cannot get over how much prices seem to go up every time I go to the store. Sometimes it’s just 30 cents here or there, but other times it’s more. For example, I used to be able to buy a package of 5-6 chicken thighs at Fubonn for under $3.00, but yesterday the least expensive package I could find of 6 thighs was $4.67! Thankfully pork prices were still low as I needed three pounds of ground pork to make potstickers this week. The ground beef at New Seasons was almost a dollar more per pound than I have paid in the past.

Fubonn: $30.19

I know I could find cheaper foods at other stores, but I remain committed to buying locally raised and/or produced food as much as possible and intend to do so as long as possible. It’s becoming a struggle though. Thank goodness we have a garden, although it’s going to be another couple of months before it really starts producing.

Anyway, I spent $52.28 at Costco, $54.56 at Winco, $30.19 at Fubonn, $60.33 at Trader Joe’s, and $25.10 at New Seasons,  for a total of $222.46, $37.54 under our budget of $260, which gives me a little wiggle room for milk, produce and a trip to the farmer’s market tomorrow.


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6 responses to “The Bi-Weekly Shop-a-Thon

  1. Food prices are insane everywhere, it’s just as bad here in Canada. So many things have doubled! :( We’re a family of 6 & the only way I keep my costs down is by not buying processed foods. It helps a lot!

    • We buy very little processed food (brownie mix, the occasional cake mix, a certain salad dressing and some Asian foods for the most part), but it’s still seems so hard these days. One of the big helps I’ve got is the bulk food section at one of our markets, but even that is getting expensive, although not as bad as buying prepackaged.

  2. Food prices are ridiculous. But then, so is almost everything else. I shop just as many stores and it does get tiring.

    I’ve decided to up my food budget, as health is more important to me that just about anything else. Eating healthfully does require more money. I’ll have to just cut somewhere else.

    • I feel like I’m going to have to up our food budget as well, but am trying to hold out for as long as possible with our current budget of $560 per month. Having a garden will help this summer, but I think this winter I’m going to have to kick it up if things continue like they are now.

  3. It is extremely frustrating that food prices keep increasing. I know my family is pretty much only eating chicken and pork. Ground beef (or beef of any kind) is too expensive. My main problem is that I am trying to feed six adult appetites on the same budget I use to feed two adult and four children’s appetites. I should probably start implementing more beans and lentils into our dinner menu. Thank goodness I am able to get produce through Bountiful Baskets, and I hope my garden starts producing soon.

    • Tina: We’re also feeding five adult appetites on the same budget I used to have when the kids were little. It’s getting harder all the time, especially when fruit and other produce is getting so expensive. Can’t wait for our garden to really start producing. Just the little bit we’ve gotten so far is a big help!

      Ground beef is expensive! I only buy it occasionally, and thankfully most recipes I use it for make enough for two meals. Forget about steak or roasts though – even in the discounted meat section they’re too much!

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